Chipping and Putting

AS a teaching professional, I often come across golfers who have trouble with this department of their game and lets face it, how many golfers think their chipping and putting doesn't need improving?


The most common problem I see in chipping is the player tries to flick the wrists in an effort to lift the ball onto the green instead of letting the loft of the club do the work, often called "the melting left wrist".
As you can see in the pictures below, the wrists haven't moved throughout the stroke.


If you want to be more consistant with your chip shots, keep your wrists firm into the impact area and through to the end of the swing.
Some people find it hard to break the habit of flicking the wrists and this is where the V-Easy will help.

By using the V-Easy when practicing you will learn how it feels to chip WITHOUT flicking the wrists


As the putting stroke is very similar to the chip stroke the V-Easy will help you in your putting as well as your chipping.
By keeping the wrists firm, you well be less likely to HIT the putt and learn how to stroke it instead. This will give you a more consistent stroke and improve your accuracy in direction and distance control.


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